Sunday, June 12, 2016


Mary Joseph, Sally Gillespie, Elaine Fellows

Unfortunately there are too few attending our Ocala Worship Group to continue to meet. We had hoped to locate more Quakers in our area to replace those whom we had lost, but we have not been successful. Since we were unofficial to begin with, there is little action that is needed to "lay the meeting down." Ocala Worship Group has been removed from from the SEYM meeting list and the QUAKERS MEET HERE sign has been removed from the front yard.

Larry Clayton

We appreciate the support we have received from the yearly meeting and from Gainesville Monthly meeting during the eight years Quakers have been meeting at our home. Although there is a long history of Quakers meeting in Ocala the time has come to accept the fact that we cannot carry on. We are sorry that there will no longer be a meeting in this area for the Quakers who are passing through to stop and strengthen the bonds of the wider fellowship. We rejoice in what we have had through the years, and look forward to what lies ahead.

Our thanks to all who shared with us the privilege of being a Quaker presence in Ocala.
Ellie Clayton, Sally Gillespie, Elaine Fellows